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Frequently Asked Questions

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Job Seeker - Job Applications

1. How do I apply for jobs?
You can start by creating an account at Applica and upload your latest CV.

2. Can I apply for jobs without creating a job seeker account in Applica?
Yes you can with the quick apply feature in the system. Click apply for jobs, fill in your personal information, write a brief cover letter and upload your resume. Click send application.

3. Do I need to sign up for an account to search for jobs?
No. You can search for jobs without signing up for an account.

4. Do I need a cover letter to apply for jobs on Applica?
Yes it's necessary to write a brief cover letter to apply for jobs on Applica. You can use the default cover letter as reference and edit accordingly to your application. However writing a cover letter to the employer, demonstrate your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your CV and motivate employer to interview you.

5. What sort of jobs does Applica provide?
Only Technology jobs are listed on our platform. Our focus is on technology professions and all jobs listed are paid by genuine employers.

6. What is the status of my job application?
The status of your application will be changed to "viewed" once the employer has viewed your CV. If an employer marks your application as shorlisted, rejected, you will also be able to see this from your job dashboard, recent activity. You do not need to do anything at this point except to be aware of phone calls and emails from potential employers who would like to invite you for interviews.

7. How long does it take for the employer to get back to me if I'm shorlisted?
The process varies from company to company. Please see the previous question to understand how Applica assists in tracking your application status.

8. Why is the status of my job application "pending"?
Your application has been successfully sent to the employer.

Job Seeker - About your CV

1. How do I create video resume?
After logging in to your account, click "My CV" and under section resume video click add. You can choose to upload a video or directly record using the webcam function in our system. Record as many time as you like and accept the video of your choosing. Applica job platform is fully responsive hence you can also record your resume video using smartphone or tablet.

2. Why does Applica screen CVs?
Applica maintain quality CVs to employers that posts job with us, hence we screen every single CV that is uploaded to our platform.

3. Why is my CV rejected?
We can only approve CVs that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete CVs that contain your contact details e.g email, mobile phone number and etc
  • CVs that is only related to Technology Professions

4. How do I attach other related documents to support my CV?
Go to "My CV" and attach as many related documets you want e.g. education certificates, employment relieve letters, promotion letters and etc.

Job Seeker - About Your Account

1. How do I change my password?
Kindly click on the "Request new password?" link on the login page. The password reset link will be sent to your email. Make sure you reset your password within 24 hours upon receiving the email, otherwise you will need to re-request for a new reset password link.

2. How can I delete my account?
Kindly click on "Cancel account" link on the account setting page.

Employer - About your Account

1. Is it free to register as an employer on Applica?
Registration is absolutely free. If you haven't got an account, create here Applica
Upload a company logo, best size 200x200 pixel.

2. System keeps saying that my company is already registered.
Someone in your company (or an ex-colleague) could have registered on Applica on your company's behalf. Please write in to and one of our consultants will help you solve this issue.

3. How do I change my company account details?
Login into your account and change details on the "Manage my account" link.

4. How do i change my password?
Kindly click on the "Request new password?" link on the login page. The password reset link will be sent to your email. Make sure you reset your password within 24 hours upon receiving the email, otherwise you will need to re-request for a new reset password link.

5. How can I delete my account?
To delete your account, kindly drop us an email to and we will help you out.

Employer - Posting Job Advertisements

1. How do I post/advertise a job on Applica?
You need to purchase job credits in order to post job advertisements. Job credits can be purchase via Pricing Plans. 

2. How do post free jobs for Interns on Applica? 
Post a job and select only "Internship" in employment type. You are able to post unlimited intern jobs for free. 

3. How many types of job credits in Applica?
You can purchase a standard job credit, purchase credits for upgrades and refresh features. 

3. What is "Contact Requests" credit?
You can purchase this credit to request for CV/Contact that you search. You can write a specific email message to the job seeker before you confirm the request. 1 credit will be deducted after you choose to request for 1 CV. The job seeker will receive an email of your request and will appear in job seeker dashboard. Once job seeker approve the request, you can have the full access of their CV.

4. When do the credits expire?
Unused credits has NO EXPIRY date. 

5. How long is the runtime for each job posting?
Once a job credit is used to publish a job advertisement, the job advertisement will be active on Applica for 60 days, unless you manually unpublish it.

6. How do I make payment to Applica?
At check-out screen, we accept credit cards, bank transfer and manual payment. Payment details will be sent to your email after you place an order. For manual payment, refer to section 7 below:

7. How do I create manual orders and payments to Applica?
At review order screen, "Click Here" to email us. Write to us your desired orders for example:

  • Standard or Bundle Job
  • Upgrades - Feature and Refresh
  • Quantities of Contact Requests
  • Special Offer on Standard Job
  • Additional or Custom Packages

Once we receive your email, Applica shall create the order and invoice you. Email to us the proof of payment to for verification.  Your credits will be issued once we receive the payment slip.